October 22, 2015

"Whats in my bag"

i decide to make a new entry about my "Whats In My Bag" well i dont have any back pack so it should be the bag right..

actually i have a lot of beg and every single of those bag are the sling one..and one of them is my black sling...this bag i get for rm10 i think and it is so old...cause i bought it...i cant remember...myb a 5 years before..im so short term..but this bag are so my survivor...im a kind of person that doesnt like to bring many thing with me but its change when i have a small cute back pack when at UNI...everything go inside that bag..and everyone call me FARMASI or KEDAI RUNCIT..cause i have everything in it..but lately i just love to bring this black sling with me cause it easy to put on..ok lets started!!! 


on my bag usually i have my wallet with black colour which i buy at PASAR MALAM only and it takes for RM10 i think..but it pretty nice and cute..its small but u can put a lot..believe me..cause i have everything in it..including the KERONSANG.. 

ok next will be the LIP BALM..i bought this at WATSON terminal one..whose nogoghi here know this place...but u also can get it from any farmasi..it brand from IN2IT..which is cherry flavour..im so crazy about lip balm since im high school cause i have a terrible dry lips...one day lip balm solve my lip problem....and i always bring the lip balm with me until now..

the next thing in my bag was the lotion..this lotion also bought from the farmasi which is WATSON..especially at the counter part..they put a lot of lotion and it cheap...plus it easy to bringi..cant remember this lotion price..but i can warranty it cheaper and its below of Rm5...ok that all for my entry..until meet to the next entry... 😘😘😘 

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