August 4, 2015

its a long journey..!!


long journey..need to be motivated klu x aku jtuh tersungkur...need to be a humble person... not dongak pndg atas without know what happen down there...need to be syukur n satisfy with all that i already have now..sbb mgkin org lain mendambakan ape yg kte ade..we r the chosen one to have that...need to learn how to along said that..."if kte bekire ngan org lain..Allah akan bekire dgn kte"..yes..!!absolutely..mnde 2 open my mind...need to be more positive..sbb aku jnis yg negative...need to have some self confident..sbb aku kdg2 rse mcm xlyak for something...need to hardwork...for what i want and at the same time not the greedy can make u lost everything....xingt diri 2 sape...xingt yg ko pnah susah dlu...need to remind journey in this world not to have all the things before other people get it..not to kumpul kan semua harte seblum org lain...melain kan..u need to kumpul segale bentuk ibadat tok berjumpe Yang Maha Esa...~

reminder for siti nurul munawirah,

*harap kta semue dpat berkumpul di syurga Allah yg indah..amin....

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