January 5, 2013


50-70% in body
intracellular and extraxellular

inorganic compound
universal solvent
clear fluid

body type of fluid

intracellular - in body cell

intrecellular - surrounding the cell
intravascular - blood volume

fluid balance - control by elecrolyte

osmosis - past H2O at less concentration to high concentration

osmotic pressure - use force to prevent dilution

function and roles water

regulate body temperature
remove body waste
metabolic process
digestion process

water safety
> drink > safe
rural area need water test
use chlorine and ammonia to kill microbe
boiling water

toxicity water
> water without electrolyte intake
kidney cannot handle

heat exhaustion
depletion blood volume
body heat loss when sweat
humidity when sweat
reduce endurance + strength + performance
headeache + nausea

Heat cramp
at skeletal muscle
pain muscel 1-3 minute
exercise moderate at first in heat
take adequate salt and fluid

heat stroke
internal body 105 celcius fahrenheit
symptom nausea +confusion + coma
replace fluid and monitor weight
avoid exercise in heat condition

sport drink
>60 min activity
maintain blood glucose and blood volume

factor affect sweat rate
body composition

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