January 8, 2013

pyscho - c2

personality - sum total of characteristic that will make he or she unique

hollanders model personality

the psychological core - the real you

typical response - respond to evironment

role -related behavior - can be change at any time


freud psychodynamic

id - basic instict

ego - satisfy need

superego - do not know either it is wrong or not

social leraning

albert bandura
 -social reinforcement
 -self -efficacy


emphasize person capacity for

-personal growth
-develop potential
-freedom to choose destiny


big 5 factor model


allport personality trait

-cardinal trait
-central trait
-secondary trait

hans eyseck 3 factor theory

-intraversion vs extraversion
-emotional unstable vs stable
-impulse control vs psycotism

carl rogers

unconditional - have something without any condition

conditional - have something with condition

maslow hierachy

characteristic of elite athlete
-self confidence
-emotional stable

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