January 8, 2013


trait theories- personality that made up of number of broad disposition

trait - predisposotion that will make he or she feel + think + behave in specific manner

3 model personality trait

big 5 factor model

openness to experiences - imaginative and sensitive
conscientiousness - careful and responsibility
extraversion and introversion - social and talkative
agreeableness - good nature and gentle
emotional stability - anxious and depression

allport personality trait

cardinal trait - most power and control person
central trait - limited number of trait  between 6-12
secondary trait - few of number and not considered as important and also have specific attitude + preference

hans eyseck

introversion vs extraversion - intro (passive) extra (active)
emotional unstable vs stable - calm and carefree.....anxious and moody
impulse control vs psychotism - control impulse and able to contact with reality

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