January 8, 2013

Psycho - c1

psycho is combination of behaviour, affective and cognitive and it is deal with sport related problem


understand how psychological affect the individual performance
understand how participant in exercise, exercise affect the psychological, health and well being

role of psychology

research - have advance knowledge, sharing and discuss
teaching - either psychological exercise and sport exercise
consulting - develop psychological skill and coaching clinical and workshop

influence of sport psychology

conselling - hear of the athlete problem

strategies - make a good strategies to win

(all this will help to improve performance + improve self -confidence +  stay focus )

Scope of sport psychology


consulting - develop skill training using DME ( diagnose + methode + evaluation)

clinical - train to diagnose + threat the athlete problem + emotion problem

education - Training how influence sport psychology with behavior and performance that deal with sport related problem


teaching  - either teach psychological exercise and sport exercise using training program

research - advance knowledge + sharing  + discuss about qualitative and quantitative through journal and conference

Ethic sport psychological

-maintain standard and recognize expertize

-follow the rules and do not falsely advertize people

professional and scientific responsibility
- keep  the client important first

respect people right and dignity
- respct among the other

concern of welfare of other
prepare welfare for the people we work with

social responsibility
contribute protectness to people we work with

professional standard
same point


norman triplett 1897
1st experiment of sport psychology

coleman robert griffith (1925)
father of american sport psychology

franklin m henry (1938)
father of motor skill and behaviour

bruce olgivie
father of apllied sport psychology

1st applied of sport psychology

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